Welcome.."while you're waiting Just Know God is Working"

Welcome to JKIW,

 We are so thankful that you decided to visit our site. We are in unprecedented times, where everything in our "world" seems to be unstable, except GOD. Here at Just Know I'm Workin we are excited to embark on this new journey to fulfillment with you.

Our brand is based of the story of Simeon in the advent of Jesus Christ. The story follows Mary and Joseph as they travel to Jerusalem to present Jesus to the temple. The back story involves a man named Simeon. The text in Luke 2:25-35 describes him as "righteous, devout and eagerly waiting to see the messiah."


The brand Just Know I'm Workin was birthed on December 13, 2013 while our founder heard the above scripture while attending Alfred Street Baptist Church. The sermon spoke on how Joseph and Mary were ran out of Bethlehem  based on their inability to pay their taxes, which were increased by Cesar. Simeon was a trusted believer in God and he knew he would not die until he saw the messiah. God had to create chaos in the lives of Mary and Joseph for them to walk in faith to present Jesus at the temple where Simeon was waiting to give them another external confirmation.

The basis of our brand is similar to the story of the advent season. Sometimes are blessings are so big, that we must be patient as we wait for God to work everything out in our favor. We are looking forward to growing with you and giving encouragement and motivation on your journey. #JKIW 

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